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Why I Chose Carolina Law Part Deux

I guess I will piggyback on Dania's first entry (which is spot-on by the way) and tell you a little bit about my background. I am Erika Nicole Jones and I am a 2L at Carolina Law. I grew up in Grifton, a small town of 2,240 in the eastern portion of North Carolina. I left small town living in 2003 to attend Carolina for undergrad and instantly I found a second home. I can honestly say those four years were the best four years of my life. I was not certain what path I wanted to take after graduating in 2007 with a BA in Communication Studies and a minor in Afro-American Studies. I did not know whether I wanted to work full-time or go on to a graduate or professional school. Because I was so torn, I decided to work and give myself time to figure it all out. I took an entry-level executive position with a Fortune 500 company and spent 1.5 years there before changing directions completely and teaching English at a local community college. After an unexpected layoff, I had to make some tough decisions and quick! I decided to revisit my plan of continuing my education and opted to go to law school.

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