Prof. Judith Wegner's New Article on Legal Education Reform

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Prof. Wegner

Prof. Judith Wegner, who teaches in the Community Development Law Clinic, has a new article published in the Journal of Dispute Resolution entitled, "Cornerstones, Curb Cuts and Legal Education Reform," which is available for free download.

It opens as follows:

The University of Missouri School of Law has long been a leader in American legal education. Years ago, it was a bellwether for legal education reform when it introduced a sustained focus on preparing students to understand dispute resolution, shaping its curriculum accordingly. Its faculty scholars are renowned for their writings on important dispute resolution topics. It is my hope that this Symposium will assist others in learning from the University of Missouri’s deep perspective on how to overcome barriers that keep law schools from doing all they might otherwise do in preparing law students for real-world practice. Special thanks are due to Professor John Lande for his efforts in assembling distinguished symposium contributors who have given such deep thought to the topic of legal educational reform.

This essay seeks to contribute to this dialogue by offering both theoretical and practical observations about legal education reform. This approach reflects the judgment that current efforts to improve legal education will only get so far unless underlying impediments to change that are often invisible become better understood. The essay provides legal educators with theoretical insights from the design, organizational behavior, education, and psychology literature in order to help that process along. Theoretical insights can be hard to apply in the abstract, however. The essay therefore also offers practical recommendations about both small and large actions that might be taken by faculty members, law schools, and national legal education organizations in order to facilitate needed change.

Read the rest of this groundbreaking essay by one of the co-authors of the Carnegie Report.

Posted by Judith Welch Wegner on Fri. June 13, 2014 4:49 PM
Categories: Community Development Law Clinic, Scholarship
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