Bloomberg Law Available to Law Students

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The library is now pleased to offer access to the Bloomberg Law database to students and faculty. Bloomberg Law offers access to primary law content similar to Westlaw and Lexis, but offers a variety of unique content that may be useful to law students, particularly those contemplating a corporate/business law practice:

  • Access to federal dockets. PACER is the online system federal courts use to provide access to court dockets and filings. It, however, charges for each search and document and has limited searching options. Through Bloomberg Law, you can search across and access the documents and court files for most federal and some state cases (like the Delware Chancery Court). It allows for searching that it simply not possible with PACER.
  • Company Information. Bloomberg Law has unique features for locating company information, which includes easy searches to identify current and past litigation specific to a particular company. Bloomberg Law also includes a user-friendly EDGAR database, that is updated in real time to accord with new filings to the Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Practice-Area Content. It offers special search content for several practice areas including corporate, intellectual property, bankruptcy, and securities.
  • News and Current Awareness. Bloomberg Law also provides its own editorial content (including practice specific Bloomberg Law Reports) and legal news content, and aggregates news releases from over 1,000 different sources including directly from Bloomberg media (not available elsewhere).
  • Corporate Drafting/Agreements Database. For students interested in transactional practice, Bloomberg Law offers its "Dealmaker" tool that allows users to view a variety of realworld agreements handpicked by Bloomberg Law editors because they have been successful. You can search the database by type of agreement. Bloomberg also offers a variety of drafting assistance tools for the transactional lawyer.

The use of Bloomberg Law among legal practitioners continues to expand, particularly in firms that practice in corporate and securities law. While you are at the law school, you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn and use the Bloomberg Law database. Students and faculty who would like access should contact Tim Gallina.

Posted by Leslie A. Street on Wed. December 7, 2011 1:48 PM
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