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Study aids are among the most heavily used items in the law library collection. During exams, print copies seem to be more often off the shelves than they are on.

This year the law library is conducting a one-year pilot project to provide students with digital study aids through Westlaw, which will help students study when and where they want them. The Westlaw collection includes a wide variety of popular titles, including Law in a Nutshell series, Gilbert and Blackletter Outlines, Concise Hornbook series, Exam-Pro sample exams, and many others. All told the collection includes 430+ titles, with extensive coverage of first year courses and other commonly-taught courses (e.g., Business Associations, Professional Responsibility) and good coverage for many other subjects.

If you are looking for help studying for a class, or just general guidance on exam taking or law school in general, take a look at the Westlaw Study Aid collection and let us know what you think. Students and faculty can access Westlaw Digital Study Aids by logging on with their Westlaw username and password.

Posted by David R. Hansen (Dave) on Wed. August 20, 2014 12:10 PM
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