Open Access Law - Historical US Materials Through HeinOnline

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The last post on this blog highlights some Open Access Week events at UNC. Appropriately enough for this week, the Law Library of Congress recently made an important announcement about a partnership that they have struck with legal publisher and database provider HeinOnline to provide free public access to historical U.S. primary legal materials. The Law Library of Congress' announcement is as follows:

Through an agreement with the Library of Congress, the publisher William S. Hein & Co., Inc. has generously allowed the Law Library of Congress to offer free online access to historical U.S. legal materials from HeinOnline. These titles are available through the Library’s web portal, Guide to Law Online: U.S. Federal, and include:

While the UNC community has long had access to these materials, this free public access means that alumni, public patrons, and anyone, really, who needs access can now get it. The HeinOnline/Law Library of Congress access is restricted to historical materials, but combined with the GPO's FDSYS offerings of more recent years' editions, researchers can now have almost complete access to these materials, from volume 1 to the most recent published copy.

Posted by David R. Hansen (Dave) on Tue. October 21, 2014 10:39 AM
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