Casetext: A New Free Legal Resource

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Another place to go online to search for cases and to conduct other legal research for free is Casetext.

Casetext enables anyone to search for cases using a case name, citation, keyword, phrase, or a proximity search (examples of search queries on Casetext). Along with displaying the case itself, Casetext provides its users with an easy way to quickly get to the parts of a case that were most often cited. Links are also available to both summary and contextual information about a case (including briefs).

The distinguishing feature of Casetext is the supplemental material provided by users themselves. Lawyers, law professors, clinicians, and others can post analysis, leave comments, or link to other websites that provide more insight into a case. On several community pages (organized by area of law) users can find longer posts and links to other documents. More information about Casetext’s features.

Signing up for an account on Casetext is not required, but it’s free and makes more of its features available.

Posted by Nick Sexton on Mon. May 4, 2015 10:54 AM
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