New Bloomberg Law Transactional Materials

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While many legal research resources have traditionally been geared toward litigation-based areas of practice, Bloomberg Law is now offering new materials available for transactional lawyers as well. Several types of research tools can assist the transactional lawyer forming a business or doing a deal.

Traditionally, business and finance dictionaries and glossaries define terms of art. Practitioner-oriented treatises examine the legal and business context of transactions. Drafting guides describe various types of agreements and clauses and explain their usage. Sample documents assist in the drafting process, and checklists ensure that all steps in a transaction have been completed.

On Bloomberg Law, Transactional Resources (found on the "Transactional Law" tab) include forms, checklists, newsletters, and securities laws and regulations, as well as treatises and drafting guidance from the American Bar Association, Practicing Law Institute, and Bloomberg BNA. All of these materials can be found in one convenient location.

Bloomberg Law is introducing new technology designed to change the way corporate lawyers practice Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Markets and Banking and Finance among others areas with new drafting and negotiating guides. Bloomberg Law is offering millions of documents that represent the most important deals in the country and making them searchable for the transaction lawyer.

In addition to being able to view these deal documents, Bloomberg Law helps the practitioner understand what is going on inside the documents by providing context in the deal making documents. For example, lawyers can immediately learn what language is mostly commonly used for a given deal term as well as see what language their opponent used in their most recent deals and negotiations.

All law students and law faculty can sign up for a Bloomberg Law account through the Law Library.  Contact Stacey Rowland ( for further details.

Posted by Stacey L. Rowland on Tue. January 19, 2016 8:09 AM
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