Litigation Analytics Tool Offered by Bloomberg Law

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Bloomberg Law’s Litigation Analytics, which is currently in beta testing, provides law students and practitioners with the ability to research the federal litigation histories of major companies, identifies the law firms representing those companies in the majority of their federal litigation needs, and also provides researchers with another means for locating dockets when the only known information is the parties involved.

This new tool may also be particularly useful for law students in preparing for interviews, as it allows students to obtain background knowledge on some of the major litigation issues of an interviewing firm’s clients. While the current version of Litigation Analytics only allows searching via company name, Bloomberg Law intends to extend this tool in the near future to also enable searching by law firm. For the time being, law students can use the system to research major companies in their target markets in order to obtain a better understanding of their litigation history and the firms that commonly represent them in federal court.

In addition to providing clean graphs and charts of law firm representation and litigation legal issues for a company, Litigation Analytics also provides a running list of all recent federal litigation for the company searched, including direct access to the docket. Litigation Analytics can be accessed under the “Litigation & Dockets” tab on Bloomberg Law’s homepage.

Posted by Melissa M. Hyland on Tue. February 23, 2016 1:14 PM
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