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The UNC Law Library recently subscribed to Cheetah, Wolters Kluwer’s new database. Cheetah replaces Wolters Kluwer’s CCH IntelliConnect platform.

Cheetah has a sleek design that is user friendly and easy to navigate. From the homepage, users can select from a variety of practice areas to access legal resources. Some examples of practice areas are Banking & Consumer Finance, Bankruptcy, Energy & Environment, Intellectual Property, Securities, and Tax. There is a search bar on the top of the page that allows users to search all content within the database or within a specific practice area.

Users can easily access major acts & statutes within a particular practice area, agency materials, treatises, newsletters, and practice tools. Cheetah also offers the Federal Banking Law Reporter and the Federal Securities Law Reporter, as well as a number of other specialized law reporters.

Smart Charts

Smart Charts are practice tools available on Cheetah that allows users to create state comparison charts. For example, users can create a corporation law comparison chart using the Securities Practice Area Smart Chart tool. This chart allows users to select from topics that include corporation formation, capital and surplus, corporate powers, shareholders rights, meetings & liabilities, as well as a number of other topics and subtopics. Users can then select jurisdictions and view results. The resulting chart can be exported to either MS Word or MS Excel.

Current Awareness

Cheetah offers a number of Dailies, Newsletters, and Treatise Updates. Examples of Dailies include the Banking and Finance Law Daily Wrap Up and the Trademark Daily Wrap Up. The Banking and Finance Law Daily Wrap Up offers users the option of subscribing to all topics and jurisdictions or customizing their selection by selecting specific topics and jurisdictions. Topics include financial technology, oversight and investigation, privacy, securities and derivatives, as well as many others. Users can also select to receive critical alerts as they occur during the day.

Newsletters are available for each practice area on Cheetah. For example, two of the newsletters available for Securities are the NASDAQ Tracker and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Tracker. Users can subscribe to multiple newsletters, create custom searches within newsletters, and aggregate email alerts so that all of the subscribed to newsletters are received in one email.

Creating an Account

Cheetah is available to all UNC Law faculty and students with their ONYEN and password. However, users can also create an individual Cheetah account so they can customize the database for their needs. With a login, users can save documents to worklists, sign up for newsletters discussed above, create alerts for search terms and topics, highlight and make notations on documents, and customize the practice area pages to meet their research needs. Creating an account is easy. Select "Login" from the upper-right corner of the Cheetah homepage, then select "Create User ID." Make sure to use your UNC email address as you follow the steps to create an account.
Posted by Allison Symulevich on Thu. September 6, 2018 1:50 PM
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