Develop Your Tech Knowledge: LinkedIn Learning for UNC Law Faculty & Students

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LinkedIn Learning provides UNC Law faculty and students with access to hundreds of course modules and thousands of video tutorials on a variety of technology skills and software programs. The database divides its content into three general categories: business, creative, and technology. Within each of these categories, you will find tutorials on a variety of topics. For example, students interested in mastering the more advanced features and functions in Excel can take courses in the essential features, formulas and functions, and managing and analyzing data. Each program is usually equipped with video tutorials and assignments that help the user to develop and hone their new skills.

The database also offers “Learning Pathways,” which are series of courses designed to help users develop specific skillsets. Topics included in the Learning Pathways series include digital photography, web design, basic computer programming, and the Adobe software suite. There are also specialized Learning Pathways on project management, small business management, and web development, among others.

Law students preparing to enter practice will benefit from the variety of courses offered on the Microsoft Office software programs, which includes trainings on Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneNote, and Outlook. These trainings will equip students to utilize the programs’ more advanced features and functions in practice. For example, the advanced training in Word provides students with a foundation in document styles that can be directly translated into their legal writing. Likewise, as more and more firms adopt Microsoft Teams or similar software programs for workplace communication and project management, students will find these tutorials provide them with a solid foundation in using those programs to efficiently manage larger client issues and cases. 

To access these resources, simply navigate to the LinkedIn Learning database from UNC’s Software Acquisition page. Once there, click on the “LinkedIn Learning Login” link on the right-hand side of the page, and create your own account inside LinkedIn Learning. Have fun learning!

Posted by Melissa M. Hyland on Mon. September 30, 2019 2:15 PM
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