Digital Subscriptions to the Financial Times Now Available for the UNC Law School Community

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The UNC Law Library is pleased to announce that we have a new digital subscription to the Financial Times available for all law school faculty, students and staff. The Financial Times is a daily international newspaper, headquartered in London, with especially good coverage of business and economic news. FT offers options for customizing your homepage and creating alerts. Faculty and students can create virtual reading lists of articles to share with classes or colleagues. FT also provides a number of curated newsletters on different topics. 


Choose this link ( from a law school or law library desktop computer (NOT a mobile device). FT will send a follow-up email with authentication instructions. Once registered, you can download the FT app to a mobile device or use from anywhere you have an internet connection.  

A great introductory video to the Financial Times can be found here: ​

Customize with Topics and Alerts:

Once you have created an account, you can customize your Financial Times subscription by choosing topics and setting up daily or weekly alerts:

1)   To choose topics, enter keywords in the search bar, or use Topics listed within an article you are reading. Topics are bolded in red or blue. Topics can be ​countries​, ​companies​, ​themes​, or people​.

2)   To set up alerts, go to the ​Contact preferences​ page in your myFT hub and make sure you are subscribed to the myFT Email Digest. You can choose Daily or Weekly delivery.

Virtual Reading List:

You can also set up a virtual reading list, which you can share with your students or classmates:

1)   Once signed in to FT, click on "MyFT" link at the top right on the homepage.

2)   In the white bar across the top, click on "saved articles." From that page, click on "create list." Give your list a name, and click Save.

3)   To add articles​, click on the Save icon on the left side of any article page to add it to your list.

4)   To share the list link​, go to your list via the ​Saved articles tab​ in myFT. Set the list to Public at the top of the page. Click Share, and right click to copy the list, which you can then share with your students, classmates, or colleagues.


Check out for all of the FT newsletters.

Posted by Ellie Campbell on Mon. March 16, 2020 10:00 AM
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