Browser Tips & Tricks to Make Reading – and Printing – Articles Easier

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Trying to read an article or blawg post and having trouble focusing on the text? Or want a clean copy of what you’re reading without intrusive ads or banners? Or want to translate a page to English or see who else is talking about an image you found? Here are a few browser features that can help!

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge has an Immersive Reader Mode that allows users to “read without distractions”.  Click the Immersive reader icon () on the side of the address bar to view a document without banners or interrupting images. Immersive Reader Mode also allows you to change their reading preferences, text preferences, or have the text read aloud in a voice of your choosing.

You can also right-click on a page in Microsoft Edge to read the page aloud, translate the page to English, open the Immersive Reader, or use Web Capture to add your own markups and comments to a screen capture of the page.

Mozilla Firefox

Toggle reader view on the side of the address bar in Firefox () to view a simplified version of the text on the website. Firefox also allows you to change the font, listen to the text, and provides an estimate of how long it will take to read the article.

Or print the article you’re viewing in Firefox, choose simplified, and receive a clean copy of the article. You can save it as a pdf or print it out directly.

Google Chrome

Right click in Google Chrome to open the additional features. Translate a page to English or use Google Lens to use Google to search for an image. For example, use an image of a book cover to locate where to buy it or to find reviews or similar books.

Posted by Kerri-Ann Yanique Rowe on Mon. February 14, 2022 9:15 AM
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