Reflections on the foreclosure crisis, part three

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It is crucial to remember that these numbers are only a snapshot of a tragic foreclosure narrative. Notwithstanding these statistics, as upsetting as they may initially be, a still more dismal outlook on the impact of the Housing Crisis in Durham County is the effect foreclosures have had on local schools, family inheritances, and communities. Each foreclosure is likely of itself a personal tragedy. While some families are able to fully recover after foreclosure, others experience chronic homelessness.

Starting this research with the statistics of the Underwater America article in mind was certainly beneficial. Such a depiction provided clarity, context and immediacy, the likes of which I hadn’t yet come across in my limited familiarity with this matter. These are, however, just statistics and still do not encompass the full depth of the foreclosure impact. While the standard demographic measurements are essential in assessing the damage of the Housing Crisis, I have found that it is also important to reflect on what these numbers actually indicate, as well as the countless intangible effects these tragic foreclosures have had on individuals, families, and entire communities. This seemingly minute and subtle epiphany about the 2008 American Housing crisis has altered my approach to the Durham County foreclosure statistics. It is my new hope and ambition to share these findings with the general public in a way that responds to the dilemma of how we tell an impactful story, and how we make that story whole.

Posted by Racheal V. Hammond on Sun. March 1, 2015 11:22 PM
Categories: Student Research
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