I wanted to go on this trip to help remind me why I had decided to go to law school. I definitely made the right choice.

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Before going on the Wills Trip, I was excited and nervous about what was in store. I couldn’t wait to get my head out of my books and the theoretical land of the law and dive into something tangible and real. I was also terrified of making some colossal mistake.

The first day, we went on a walking tour of Lincoln Heights. To say it was an eye-opening experience for me, and I think I can say for most of us there that day, is an understatement. The level of poverty that can still be found today in this country is just astounding. Seeing firsthand the problems that heirs’ property can cause adds so much more weight to the importance of helping people make their wills. After being inspired by our firecracker of a leader, we set off into our first client session of the trip.

The first client that my partner and I received was the sweetest little elderly women you’d ever meet. We’d laugh and crack jokes, making the other less nervous and more at ease with the process. The best payment I’ve ever received for a job was the hug she gave both of us at the end. After a long first day, I couldn’t wait for my next client. By the end of the trip, we drafted eight documents. I wanted to go on this trip to help remind me why I had decided to go to law school. I definitely made the right choice. This trip was just the inspiration I needed to face the next month and a half of classes and upcoming exams.

On another note, I’m usually not a big fan of road trips and being squeezed in with people I barely know. As it turns out, that was one of the best parts of the trip. I love that I finally got to meet people from other colleges. The legal experience of the Wills trip is what got me to do it. The social aspect of it is what surprised me and made it even a better time than I could have hoped for.

Last but not least, a shout-out to the supervising attorneys that put up with my endless amount of questions…y’all were awesome!!

Posted by Agnieszka T. Zmuda on Thu. March 8, 2012 11:43 AM
Categories: Spring Break 2012 (Eastern)

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