It was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go on another Wills Trip.

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I expected to learn a lot about document preparation on the trip and for our clients to be very nice and thankful that we were helping them, and of course, these clients met my expectations. I admired how gracefully they approached sensitive issues, such as naming someone to make decisions for them when they lose the capacity to do it for themselves and discussing their end-of-life wishes. They also were all wonderful clients with big personalities–some were sweet and kind and others were hilarious, and I felt very fortunate to be able to help them.

What I didn’t expect was how much we would be able to apply what we were learning in school to drafting wills. Everyone knows the importance of supplementing classroom education with client interaction. Before the Wills Trip, I had considered client interaction and schoolwork as a completely separate entity: learning the black letter law in class and cultivating people-skills through pro bono projects. However, I was amazed at how much we could combine the two, particularly using our knowledge from our current Property class about issues like dealing with a life estate followed by a contingent remainder. Also, finalizing each document on the trip felt so much more rewarding than any good grade in a class, because of the practical effect it had on people’s lives. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to go on another Wills Trip.

Jordan Wolfe

Posted by Jordan N. Wolfe on Thu. March 8, 2012 11:13 AM
Categories: Spring Break 2012 (Western)

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