Reflecting On: Winter Break Project Sign-Ups

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                It was 4pm the afternoon before Winter Break Pro Bono Project sign-ups. I was on my way to class, walking from the CDO down toward the Rotunda. As I got closer to 4004, I saw a cluster of students moving chairs and tables around in the hallway. I walked up, and, going on my suspicions, asked if they were there for winter break project sign-ups. They replied that they were. They were there literally 15 hours before sign-ups were supposed to start, and they were planning on studying, eating, and sleeping there for that long to get the Pro Bono projects they wanted. I was surprised, but more so ecstatic. Honestly, I had been nervous about pretty much everything through the process of planning the sign-ups – that I wouldn’t get projects, students would not like the projects I got, no one would show up.

            But I realized then that I really should not have worried at all. I should have expected Carolina students to show such enthusiasm and excitement for Pro Bono and serving the community. That is truly a key part of what makes our community unique and Carolina great. From then on, I wasn’t nervous at all. The next morning at 7am, the rest of the amazing Pro Bono Board and I started signing students up for all sorts of projects – ranging in type from corporate to public interest, from environmental law to criminal law. We filled all the spots in no time!

            The Winter Break Projects experience for me was an affirming and inspiring one. It affirmed the fact that Carolina Law believes in and supports Pro Bono work. It affirmed the fact that Carolina students are truly excited about giving back to the community and helping meet unmet legal needs. It inspired a hope that when we become lawyers, a lot of us will continue to be committed to Pro Bono. It can be hard to decide to give up some of your winter vacation to do legal work, especially after a hard semester of school. But winter break sign-ups showed me that our students are really happy to do just that.

Posted by Laura L. Kessler on Sun. February 14, 2016 5:40 PM
Categories: General
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