Reflecting On: "Practically Transitioned: A Pro Bono Networking Event"

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                   As 3Ls, a question constantly occupying our minds is “what’s next?” For some, this may be a career in private practice or public interest, while for others it may be a clerkship, fellowship, or non-traditional legal career path. Whether we know our destinations or not, in a few short months the law school’s safety net will fall away and everything we learned will be tested as we transition into the legal professionals Carolina Law has taught us to be.  While this can be a strange and unfamiliar process to some of us, it is encouraging to know that the Pro Bono Program is here to support us “Practically Transition” into life as UNC Law School Alumni.

          The Practically Transitioned event on February 9, 2016, represented everything we have come to love about UNC Law and the UNC Law Pro Bono Program. The food was great, the conversation was engaging, and the celebration of our accomplishments was beyond inspiring. The Ackland Art Museum was a wonderful host to the 3L and attorney attendees, and the beautiful backdrop of the museum only enhanced the words spoken by UNC Law’s Dean Brinkley and Justice Beasley of the North Carolina Supreme Court. Justice Beasley spoke of her deep and real understanding of the challenges facing North Carolina, and how our Pro Bono work can bridge the gaps between unmet legal needs and the services we provide. Her thoughtful remarks not only encouraged members of the 3L class, but also served to remind us of the positive change we can make, both across the state and nationwide, by continuing to commit ourselves to Pro Bono work when we become members of the bar.        

          Throughout the night, students were also able to speak with Carolina Law Alumni and friends from various practice areas about their Pro Bono experiences in law school and about how the skills they developed from those experiences enhanced their careers. It was extremely refreshing to meet and speak with so many attorneys who have effectively incorporated Pro Bono work into their lives and careers.

          At the end of the night one thing was clear— Carolina Law’s commitment to its community and public service is unparalleled. Students, faculty, and alumni are united by their common passions for giving back through Pro Bono work. Carolina Law not only encourages this type of service, but also cultivates a culture of it. This culture is evidenced by many accomplishments, but nothing crystallizes it better than the Class of 2016 reaching 90.9% class participation in the Pro Bono Program. It is such an honor to be part of the first-ever graduating class to reach this level of participation, and it is exciting to think about the amazing things that will continue to come from our dedicated pee

           So what’s next for the Class of 2016? While some know what they will be doing next year, and others are still figuring it out, it is clear that the UNC Law Pro Bono Program is here to help us “Practically Transition” into life as Alumni engaged in Pro Bono service.  

Posted by Laura L. Kessler on Fri. February 26, 2016 7:00 PM
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