Alumna Feature: LeeAnne Quattrucci '06

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LeeAnne Quattrucci
Name and year of graduation from UNC Law:

LeeAnne Quattrucci, 2006

Place of employment:

The Law Office of LeeAnne Quattrucci, PA

Area of practice:

Family and juvenile law

Favorite class/professor in law school:

Constitutional Law with Dean Boger

Pro Bono experience in law school:

My pro bono experiences in law school were vast and varied.

One of the most valuable and rewarding experiences was handling Domestic Violence Protective Order hearings during my 3L year. It was scary but very eye opening and extremely helpful in honing my litigation skills.

What inspired or prompted you to start doing Pro Bono work?

Simply stated: People, who cannot afford it, need legal help with real life, big time, serious issues.

What does your current Pro Bono practice look like?

Pro Bono practice is an essential part of my legal practice and my life. My firm sponsors monthly pro bono activities to keep us connected to the community such as civil rights and expungement clinics, self-defense classes, wills preparation, and non-profit community outreach programs. We also accept many referrals from Legal Aid of North Carolina.

How has your Pro Bono work benefited you? (ie. your career, business development if in private practice, professional development, networking, etc.)?

I am a better person and a better lawyer because of my pro bono work. I feel connected to people and to the pulse of the community by and through my pro bono work.

Pro Bono work provides me with an opportunity to give back to people who are less fortunate and people who desperately need my help. I am able to empower people and to give them hope.

Spend a couple of hours listening to the plight of a young mother who lost her job and subsequently lost her housing and then lost her kids and you will realize that you must help how you can. It will make you a stronger, more empathetic, and grateful person.

What challenges do you face in completing Pro Bono work? What strategies do you employ to overcome those obstacles?

Pro bono work can be emotionally exhausting. You are helping people at their lowest moments and people in dire situations.

How do you find your Pro Bono projects?

We create them!

Posted by James G. Wudel on Thu. June 9, 2016 11:23 AM
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