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"I can't see the yellow lines!"

After a very successful first day doing wills (24 documents drafted!), we had dinner at the Mellow Mushroom in Boone. It turns out that eating dinner a little early was definitely a good idea - on the way to the cabin, we drove through fog so thick that we couldn't see the lines on the road. In the dark. In the rain. The drivers decided (wisely) to stay inside for the night instead of going to find a grocery store, and we ate breakfast at the McDonald's in Newland.

We're just now getting settled in for our second day of the clinic, this time at the Avery Senior Center. It looks like we're going to be very busy day!

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No Comments | Posted by Nathan R. Creger (Nate) on Tue. March 12, 2013 9:32 AM
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Reflections on our Trip - Nate Creger

The Winter Break Trip to Cherokee was amazing. It was the first time I ever sat down face-to-face with a client to discuss their situation, and, even though I didn't realize it until Dean Novinsky congratulated me afterwards, the first time I ever filed papers with a court.

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