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Making Time for Pro Bono as a New Attorney

Service has long been a part of my life. From a young age, family, friends and teachers stressed the importance of serving others and the community. And for the most part, I took their advice. Because it gave me a sense of purpose. Because it was the right thing to do. Because I enjoyed making connections with people. And, in small part, because it was easy. Going to volunteer at a soup kitchen could be accommodated in my then very busy middle school schedule. . .

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Posted by Munashe Magarira on Tue. December 9, 2014 8:06 AM
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What is FALL BREAKthrough?

It was during a small discussion at our annual Board retreat that the idea of launching a new fall break pro bono project first took shape. Despite the Board’s success last year with Cancer Project, Election Protection, the creation of a new and improved Alumni Board, Winter Break Sign Ups and Winter Break Projects, and the Winter Break Trip to Cherokee, one constant criticism we heard from students was the lack of pro bono projects and events during fall break.

With no way of predicting what the project would look like or whether students would take to it, Saturday June 1 became the first day in what has become a true labor of love, in making this vaguely amorphous thing, this fall break pro bono project, a reality.

Since June 1, Dean Novinsky, the faculty advisor for the Pro Bono Board, James Jolley, Director of the Pro Bono Board, and I have been hard at work, thinking through what the project would look like, what our goals are, and what we want you, the students, to get out of it. We have spent time locating community partners, reserving rooms, locating panelists, making budgets and to do lists.

We are now a little over 2 weeks from the start of Fall Breakthrough and while there are still some details left to be nailed down, what we have we are really, really excited about.

Fall Breakthrough in many ways will be an encapsulation of what has been the organizing theme for this year’s Board, the idea that Pro Bono is everywhere and is for everyone. Fall Breakthrough will be open to all class years and will engage students in meaningful, impactful pro bono work. Students will help expunge the criminal records of clients, assist in domestic violence cases and aid clients signing up for health care insurance through the newly established health care exchanges.

In addition, students will have a chance to reflect on their experiences and participate in a panel discussion moderated by Professor Tamar Birckhead on unmet legal needs.

The word will get out. But, where will YOU be Thursday, October 17?

We hope it is with us.

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No Comments | Posted by Munashe Magarira on Wed. September 25, 2013 6:32 AM
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Reflections on Our Trip - Munashe Magarira

Going into the Winter Break Trip, I had a lot of anxieties. Would the trip participants enjoy themselves? Would we be more of a help or hindrance to the local community? Would we be snowed out? Would one of the participants be attacked by an elk?

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No Comments | Posted by Munashe Magarira on Fri. January 18, 2013 8:23 AM
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