SBA Purchases Three HD Flip Cams For Student Use

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During the March 16th, 2011 meeting, SBA purchased three Digital Flip MinoHD 2 Hour Digital Camcorders for $214.97. These cameras were purchased by S. David Brown, SBA President, for use by participants in making videos for the SBA Law Revue. You can watch the videos and performances from the 2011 SBA Law Revue on our YouTube channel:

Digital Flip MinoHD 2 Hour Digital Camcorder

The cameras are for student groups (and students) to use for recording law school events (speaker series, guest speakers, workshops, and other presentations) for rebroadcast, to document events in the community (legal observer events, protests, law students in the field), etc. The law school IT department has graciously agreed to store them and manage the check-out process.  According to Doug Edmonds, Asst. Dean for I.T., the cameras have been added to the law school's circulating equipment inventory. The link is

The cameras use a built in USB adapter for both charging the cameras and transferring the videos to a computer. The can record HD video for up to two hours at a time. For more information on the technical specs for these cameras, please visit

A letter from Yasir Latifi regarding the use of the HD Flip cams:

The HD Flipcams were crucial to the success of this past year's Law Revue. The HD Flipcams are more intuitive and accessible than other cameras we could have used, and allowed us to work more efficiently and effectively as we finalized our show.

Many of our videographers had little experience in shooting and/or editing videos. But the Flipcam's simple design made the entire video process run much smoother. Rather than dealing with a larger, clunkier camera, with several unnecessarily complicated buttons, we could easily shoot an entire video, and then upload and edit all of our clips in a matter of minutes without any hassle.

Additionally, the simplicity of the cams made filming relatively seamless. We filmed over a dozen videos, which included several hours and hundreds of takes before we finalized each scene. Many shots were incredibly complex and involved large groups of people/faculty/staff, so having a small, portable camera made all of these scenes much less stressful to complete.

More than the technical advantages, however, the camera were a crucial component in helping the Law Revue committee put on a great show. The cameras were not only of great HD quality, but also gave us no technical issues, which gave us more time to focus on editing, rehearsing and writing several others skits and videos. Through this extra time, we were able to polish the show and perform a higher quality show to the sell-out crowd at Varsity Theater. I look forward to using them again next year as we will plan on displaying even more videos to an even bigger crowd next year.

Yasir Latifi
Chair, Law Revue Committee

Posted by Stephen D. Brown (David) on Mon. March 21, 2011 11:42 AM
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